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Saturday Factory is a group of craftsman that create quality interior pieces.

We are all blue-collar workers from different parts of Japan who work in the construction and manufacturing industries.

The Saturday Factory team includes a carpenter, a welder, a stone mason, a metal worker, a machinist, a blacksmith, a terra cotta roofer, and a painter.  Each of our craftsman use various methods to ply their trade, from very traditional tools to the latest CNC machines.  We all collaborate to produce our interior designs within our respective specialties.  Our experience building exterior spaces that connect with the town landscape brings a unique and creative point of view in our interior designs.

Most craftsman have down time and extra or unused materials.
The craftsman working outdoors may not be able to work during bad weather, and machines in workshops are sometimes idle between jobs.  When something is manufactured or constructed, there are always unusable and leftover materials.  When handling natural stone, there is always a portion of the stock stone that has flaws.

Stone & Steel

We're calling this unused time and material "GAP RESOURCES".

We feel that it is important to utilize our knowledge and skills to re-purpose these gap resources. With cooperation between different blue-collar craftsman, we are able to combine technologies and expertise otherwise unavailable to each other.

“We are all skilled craftsmen connected on-line giving us a higher level of communication and collaboration, like a factory in the cloud. This is Saturday Factory.

Planklip[ Kickstarter ]




The Planklip is a simple multiple use tool that can be used to build shelves and other small structures with spare planks and boards.  It can also function as a utility hook, a stand, . . . only your imagination and creativity is the limit. The Planklip can hold plywood solidly at a right angle simply by inserting the board into the clip.  When using the Planklip, tools are not necessary.  No noise.  No vibration.  No following instructions.  No limitations aside from your spare materials and creativity.


Stainless Spring Steel

・14 gauge ( Diameter 2 mm )

・Quenched for hardness  

The range of board thickness which can be used:

・Thickness 12.5mm  (½ inch / .492 in.)

Clamping pressure is a little stiff.

・Thickness 12.0mm (.472 in.)

Clamping pressure is ideal.

(15/32 inch =11.9mm in actual size).

・Thickness 11.5mm (.452 in.)

Clamping pressure is a bit loose for weight bearing structures.

*The thickness of plywood changes a little based on temperature and humidity.

Creative technique  :  Layer

3mm layer + 9mm board = 12mm thickness : ideal for Planklip
6mm + 7mm = 13 mm  Planklip will hold if one layer is a soft material.

Tile Carpet 5.5mm + plywood 9mm (3/8 in.)

 Perfect for a Planklip stool.

Leather 3.0mm + plywood 9mm

Makes for a nice soft desktop and fits well with a natural atmosphere.

Natural stone 8.0mm + plywood 4.2mm

A stone top side/end table is useful next to your sofa.

Please let me know your idea!  

Fantastic for children.

Planklip is safe and can be easily handled by anyone, especially children.  Modern toys don’t really expand a child’s own imagination and creativity.   Children can use Planklip to boost these abilities by building small structures through trial and error.  A box or shelf for their toys, a toy house, a small fort - there is no limit.  Children are creative problem-solvers and benefit from a toy that doesn't command the child, but lets the child command it.  Planklip helps achieve this.

Saturday Factory


​from JAPAN

"The final version of Planklip was developed

through a long creative and many trials"

for Wholesaler and Retail company


Please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your inquiry!

We will reply with in a few business days.


Zip Code : 357-0125

275, Akadakumi Hanno-City, Saitama-Pref., Japan

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