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achieveD !!

​With the cooperation of everyone, we were able to raise mass production funds from 13 countries around the world. Currently on sale. thank you!
Planklip|プランクリップ|Saturday Factory


Projects that utilize Kickstarter to mass-produce Planklip

It was done in collaboration with CINRA Co., Ltd.

PlanklipA DIY connector that clips the board. It is a domestic hardware that does not use tools or adhesives.

You can easily make a little furniture or interior.


Ishiya, who is not very good at woodworking, said that he wanted convenient hardware that could easily assemble boards, and development started.

① Precision machining shop

Abandoned because the production cost does not match the product

② Electric discharge machine

Mismatch between processing method and target found


③ Precision sheet metal shop

Failure due to lack of strength


④ Machine blacksmith

Fully handmade is a lot of work and abandoned


⑤ Spring shop

You can do something completely different

The shape design will be completely changed to improve usability and complete the prototype before mass production.


CINRA Co., Ltd. announced that it will start a support business to spread Japanese artists and works to the world.

In the new business, we will utilize the funding platform "Kickstarter", which was officially launched in Japan on September 13, 2017. CINRA Co., Ltd. makes full use of Kickstarter etc. for artists and companies who want to perform live performances, exhibitions, screenings, publications, sales, etc. overseas and tourist businesses who want to introduce and attract Japanese culture overseas. We support the procurement of funds from foreign countries and business development.

For project planning and funding, utilizing the experience gained through the network of artists cultivated through the operation of the culture media "CINRA.NET" and the Asian city guide "Here Now", websites for foreigners, and communication tool production. Assistance for successful financing from foreign supporters, such as strategic design of foreigners, production of videos and graphics to convey attractiveness to foreigners, project progress management, PR work using overseas media, translation work, etc. I will continue to do.
Excerpt from the press release * () is an additional note by Saturday Factory.


During the 30-day funding period, we were able to obtain investment from people all over the world and achieved the target amount.


We received the cooperation of many people.

Thank you very much.


Watanabe Seisakusho


Discharge processing center

Fukuda sheet metal

Nakata Hajo Seisakusho


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