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"Regional materials" and "town technology"
Crossing diverse industries and cultures rooted in them to deliver analog and innovative products to the world

We design, manufacture, distribute and sell unique products related to daily life based on the genuine materials and technologies of professional services.

There is an idiom "do-it-yourself" in the manufacturing area.
It is a rich word that includes the scene, as if you were having fun making it while failing on a sunny holiday. But we are not amateurs. A non-holiday day of the week is better than a Sunday to represent our body. In the first place, we are not necessarily carpenters, so the factory will represent our body in a broader sense.

It is Saturday that has a sense of responsibility on weekdays and a playfulness on holidays.

That's why the name of the shop is called "Saturday Factory". The color used for the logo is the color of the sky on a sunny day, and by delivering products, we are
DIYing a future that seems to be richer.


From a studio in a mountainous area near Tokyo

The studio of Saturday Factory is located in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, in a mountainous area near Tokyo. Sawmills and town factories are scattered in this area where forestry is thriving. Regardless of the narrow classification of forestry and manufacturing, they all have an industrial structure that has been subdivided, streamlined, and deepened. Even with traditional crafts, the work area has been subdivided, and the division of labor style has been maintained along with the easy benefits of education.


PLANKLIP  Furniture

Boards are manufactured by a pre-cut factory for building materials, and connectors are manufactured by a spring shop.

We are slightly changing the way we connect our industries. The technique of making springs in machines is not limited to springs, and the materials and equipment of precut factories in architecture are very primitive. Whether it's an interior or a toy, the materials and techniques can be transformed. The manufacturing of Saturday Factory is based on the sense of applying the things that the engineers who have taken on the challenge have. The Saturday Factory is the starting point for the spring shop and the precut factory for building materials to make products.

The most influential part of our product planning is the actual experience, and the feelings we feel in our daily lives are very suggestive. I feel that it is difficult to make a shelf ① I make metal fittings as I feel it is necessary to play with children ② I make toys because I feel comfortable with the flowers swaying in the wind in the studio area ③ I usually insert one flower It is a living of. The starting point of ④ plate products is the trivial feeling that it is not fun to buy a large plate that is rarely used but is fun to have and a plate that is usually used separately, and to consider the stacking order and store them.

Aiming for marimo


The elements contained in a single photo are related to each other and are in this state. Changing the current landscape is a big thing, but what we are good at is the kind of flipping photos. We are creating products by slightly changing the way the current industrial structure is connected.


We divert existing technologies, develop them in the process of diversion, and cross different industries according to the purpose. The current industrial structure seems to be the soil when we imagine that new connections to create products have become more commonplace. Saturday Factory is aiming for this marimo tree state.


Marimo tree structure

As the word "do-it-yourself", which has a joyful manufacturing scene, is an idiom,

It would be great if "Saturday Factory" could be named with a good scene.

We look forward to your continued patronage.




  • 1981年生まれ

  • 鹿児島大学工学部建築学科卒業

  • 鹿児島大学大学院理工学研究科博士前期課程建築学専攻修了

  • ゼネコン勤務_意匠設計

  • 輸入建材会社勤務_取締役

  • ​現 Saturday Factory



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