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Saturday Factory uses local materials and town techniques.
We are a manufacturer of furniture, interior goods, and items related to daily life.
In order to deliver innovative analog products to the world, at a studio in a mountainous area near Tokyo ...

We design using local materials and town technology. Our studio is in the countryside near Tokyo.

​Contract area Original product development / custom furniture_Furniture production design Construction Various creatives for advertising (video_image_text, etc.) production and its operation, etc.


From DIY metal fittings to wooden toys, our products are born from the actual experience of "living". Wood and metal expertise varies widely, but we have cross-disciplinary insights.

We design a wide range from metal parts to wooden toys. Saturday Factory uses wood, iron and stone materials based on architectural knowledge.

You can see all products on the SHOP site.


Creatives for communicating products to customers online are created as a pair in parallel with product development. It is our job to plan and produce products, and to convey them through advertising.

Product planning and advertising production are a pair. Video production and advertising operations are also our design areas.

The YouTube channel stocks videos made in the past.
Although it is a video warehouse with mixed purposes, please refer to past cases such as requests for video production.


​It is assumed that the product can be repeatedly manufactured and delivered to a long distance, but it cannot be overlooked that it can be expressed by deviating from it. We don't have a store, but some of the works are available for takeout from the studio. We take out art and do it in the middle and mountainous areas.

Some artworks can be taken home. It's the same as taking home a pre-ordered pizza.

In the mountainous areas near the city, there are forestry, town factories, trees and flowers. Every day I make while crossing different landscapes, I think of things that are blooming there and things that I have no way to utilize at present as materials. We are trying to convert value by rebalancing with less thoughtful operations.


Everything around the studio is the material of the artwork. Materials from forestry and town factories. We also use flowers that grow on the foot of the mountain. They also include things like garbage. It is an attempt to transform value by rebalancing each other.

​Location: 275-1 Kamiakadakumi, Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture There is no change available as it is not the 2nd store in B1 Building. Please purchase from the EC site.
​ Crafted Mobile produces according to the theme. Please contact us for store decoration, venue decoration such as ceremonial halls.



Anyone can ask or ask someone. Feel free to ask us if there is anything we can do. We may be able to help if we ask. The following are past cases.

We also collaborate with other companies. We understand what our clients need and act for better results.

​Contract area Product development / custom furniture_Furniture production design Construction Various creatives for advertising (video_image_text, etc.) production and its operation, etc.


Whether it's the product or ourselves, we're looking at it from each perspective. I'm happy, so if you can pick it up from time to time, I'll be energized.
Please feel free to contact us.




It was featured in a long-long interview with "IT'S OUR BUSINESS", a magazine that unravels business from culture.

​ Published by: Tokyo Metropolitan Strategic Policy Information Promotion Headquarters March 2021

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モノ・マガジンさんに製作を行う人としての視点からサタデーファクトリーをご紹介いただきました。イラストが嬉しいです。発行:ワールドフォトプレス 絵と文:ふかさわ人


It was posted as a noteworthy item by Nikkei MJ.



Please contact us from here.

Please feel free to contact us.

I have sent you a message. The person in charge will contact you.


English is strange. I do not understand what it means. In that case, please let us know.
​ We would appreciate it if you could provide an alternative in English.
​ We are always ready to learn.


Is English wrong? Please let me know in that case. 
We are always willing to learn.

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