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5way? Slate plate

From daily dining tables to parties where people gather. Design plate whose usage changes depending on the layout

Slate plate | Tableware stone plate with fun layout | Enrollment celebration / wedding celebration



5way? Slate plate is an original slate plate cut out from natural stone. The set of 4 slate plates that you can enjoy the layout according to the scene you use is handmade.

スレートプレート|Saturday Factory

One for evening drinks, two for Cafe rice, and a set of four for 5way

The layout has many features. You can arrange how to arrange the slate plates according to the scene you use, such as a long layout that you can use like a long plate, or a party layout that you can decorate a little in the center. There may be a new layout.

The photogenic dining table makes both eaters and viewers happy.
Please enjoy the original arrangement in various scenes.


​Easy-to-use size

You can have as many plates as there are dishes, but there is also space to store them. With a 5-way slate plate, you can change the size by changing the number of sheets and the layout of the combination. A slate plate that is loved by French and sushi restaurants. The simple and natural slate is a nice point to use regardless of Japanese or Western.

スレートプレート|Saturday Factory

1 sheet: small plate to medium plate

For cakes, Japanese sweets and tea time, and for evening drinks with cheese and nuts. It is about the size of a small to medium plate that can be used for anything.

スレートプレート|Saturday Factory

2 sheets: medium plate to long plate

It is as voluminous as a reasonable long plate such as cafe rice and sashimi. It is easy to use regardless of Japanese or Western.

スレートプレート|Saturday Factory

4 sheets: large plate-super long plate

Obon, Christmas, New Year. A platter that is convenient if the turn is small. The layout can accommodate parties.

Celebration of enrollment / celebration of moving

It is a slate plate that is often used as a gift.
Above all, it is selected for celebrations that change the scene of life, wedding celebrations for enrollment, and moving celebrations. The 5-way slate plate, whose usability changes depending on the layout, adapts to changes in daily life. It is also a nice point that it is not bulky because it is a plate.

Handmade Premium feeling as a gift

スレートプレート|Saturday Factory

The 5way? Slate plate is made by freehand cutting from natural stone. We also finish the edges one by one. The pattern of the stone and the texture of the edges are naturally derived, but the tailoring by human hands has a premium feel. It is a texture that responds to scenes such as enrollment celebrations and moving celebrations.


Includes layout example and handling leaf

A leaflet on how to handle it is included. A layout example is also shown so that the recipient of the gift can understand how to use and handle it. * Leaf is attached to 5way slate plate (regular, narrow, mini) and flakes.

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