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A comfortable day heading over the mountains. When I parked my car, wondering if it was a little too early to arrive, the flowers, leaves, branches, and the mountains beyond it were swaying in the wind. It was a beautiful landscape that I hadn't noticed in the usual scenery.
The Balance Mobile series is a one-wheeled insert that adds the appearance of flowers swaying in the wind to your daily life.​

Simple shape that is easy to stand on its own

The one-wheeled vase that sways in the wind is self-supporting even when it is not decorated. It uses the same principle as the old "Yajirobee" made from acorns and the lovely local toy "Akabeko" that shakes its head. It is a simple shape designed to balance with nature when decorating flowers smaller than the palm of your hand.

Balance Mobile_風にそよぐ一輪挿し_SaturdayFactory_サタデーファクトリー

​Clip to pin

PINTCLIP is a one-wheel insert that can clip flowers and cards to the tip. It is also recommended to change the attached glass bottle to your favorite small plate or cup, and even a small container will be converted into a single flower vase. It is a plaything that adds movement to things like store POP, park fallen leaves, origami.

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Balance Mobile_風にそよぐ一輪挿し_SaturdayFactory_サタデーファクトリー

Flowers sitting on a small bench

The appearance of sitting on the edge of a shelf or table and swaying from side to side is probably a song. CHOCO is a single flower insert that is easy to decorate both dry and fresh flowers. Because it is compact, it is easy to sit on a small bench such as an empty space in front of the bookshelf. With the optional pedestal, you can place it anywhere on a flat surface.

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"I will prepare and some day my chance will come"

Let's get ready.

Opportunities will come someday.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Is it the first to meet a nice flower or to prepare a single flower?
Anyone who knows the relationship between preparation and opportunity should say this quietly.

"One-wheel insertion first."

At Saturday Factory, we offer a nifty single-wheel insert for customers who seize the opportunity.


The bolt series that has also appeared in the movie.
Recommended for gifts and zoom backgrounds.

作品としての Crafted Mobile




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