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Content in the house that adults are also addicted to

Have a successful experience together with the play of observation and adjustment

Marble rolling "Try & Raleigh" that Saturday Factory develops while playing with all its might, attaching magnet type parts to the board and enjoying your own course. Through trial and error play, we will continue to accumulate small success experiences.


\\ You can play immediately, you can play for a long time //

It is a magnet type and easy to understand, and the mechanism is intuitive and easy to understand, so you can play by yourself.

As one grows, one unit changes from playing with figures to playing marbles. For a wide range of age groups.

Challenge tricks with a fulfilling basic set. Optional parts that adults will love.

Satisfaction and self-affirmation to be decorated with wall storage. Easy to clean up.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

Trial and error is very easy to "observe" the rolling bead balls and "adjust" the magnetic parts. It's a creative play that makes you want to repeat it over and over again. From playing with magnets when you're small, to rolling marbles when you're old. You can play for a long time with one as your child grows up.

Ready-to-play board sets are popular as gifts. Parts and instructions are included in the set.


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"Official shop site"

* Since the name was changed from Sloppy, some of the reviews received are described as Sloppy.


\\ More details //

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory
0. 試行錯誤で遊ぶ感覚
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

Enjoy trial and error by "observing" and "adjusting"

Raleigh's trial and error is very easy. The play of creating a marble course is mixed with ingenuity . Observations and adjustments are woven into the experience of simply creating a zigzag course. The line of sight that rolls the marbles over and over has evolved from observing the trajectory to predicting, and the ease with which the magnetic parts can be adjusted by hand makes me feel that the trial and error of making a course by myself is a fun experience . Will give you.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

In science, there are four items: "observation," "hypothesis," "experiment," and "discussion." It is similar to the cycle often used in the business field. This is not limited to the field, but is the basis of the ability to think logically . Observe the rolling marbles, make a hypothesis that this may happen, actually move the parts and experiment, and see the result of rolling the marbles and consider it. At Raleigh, you can enjoy the cycle of observation and adjustment continuously in play .

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

◆ Try & Rolly to think things in order

The bead balls that roll in order from the top naturally support you to think in order . Recently, a system called STEM education has emerged that fosters human resources who can learn, deepen their understanding, and achieve their goals. As a basic background in an era of rapid change, it may be important to have a learning attitude of making improvements while observing the situation, learning and practicing .


Marbles that roll the placed parts in order from the top are essentially the same as running a program that you have built yourself . When you are accustomed to playing the course, please come and ask "What will happen to this !?" It's difficult to explain someone's program, but if it's your own course, it may explain it. The bead balls that roll in order from the top will surely support you to explain in order .

It is also an observation point that the shipping fee is 1300 yen nationwide (even remote islands!)

1. 自分で出来る

\\ 5 points //

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

Intuitive with magnet type You can play with your own ideas

Marbles roll on the slope. Raleigh's easy-to-understand mechanism is so intuitive that you can start playing just by passing by at an event. Magnet type parts can be positioned and angled freely. Since the board is slanted in the first place, it is also the charm of Try & Raleigh that you can roll and succeed anyway .


◆ First from zigzag

Zigzag with the image of dropping marbles down from the holes in the ends of the basic parts. Since the holes once reduce the momentum of the marbles, the ingenuity that is easy to handle is hidden. It is recommended to play with them at first. If you reach out ... It's time to start trial and error.

2. 1台でながく遊べる
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

"Play with figures" ⇔ "Marbles" As you grow

The time to grow steadily is the time when things increase steadily . From playing with magnets when you're small, to rolling marbles when you're old, the Tri-and-Raleigh is a nice one that can change as you grow . Please use the included drawstring bag to store marbles. The magnet type parts have a shape that is easy to grasp and easy to put on and take off. You can decorate it on the wall and clean it up . We use safe vegetable paint that meets EU safety standards for coloring parts.

3. 自主性と集中力
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

Dedicated board that can demonstrate "concentration" A form that respects "independence"

The simple lorry parts are 2-way specifications that can be used even on vertical surfaces. The parts designed by observing the child's appearance while playing are very simple. The easy-to-understand and hard-to-break trapezoidal cross-section parts are easy to catch on your fingers, and are designed to respect the independence of children who want to do anything by themselves.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

◆ "Exhibit concentration" with a dedicated board

A dedicated board that prevents marbles from being scattered. A dedicated board is indispensable for trial and error, where a huge number of trials and errors occur. At the development stage, when there was no dedicated board that had a high edge and bounced marbles, I experienced the penance of searching for marbles scattered every time I rolled them. The reason why Try & Rollyf is a set with a dedicated board is that you can concentrate first because of the environment that you can demonstrate .

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory




4. クリエイティブな発展性

"Trick" Challenge with the basic set

The tricks to fine-tune the basic parts to create the movement of marbles vary in difficulty. At first, please try while looking at the figures. You can jump and climb slopes. Please try to fully open your observation and adjustment skills.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

"Adventure set" bouncing

Grab the child's heart with the bouncing marbles. Contrary to its outstanding catching power, it is also an attractive set because it is easier to adjust than the creator set. It is a parts set newly released in 2021. You can see the video on the product page.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

"Bell carved from brass" A sound that is comfortable for adults

It is a gem of the 3rd generation Brothers, which has been performing precision machining since Showa. There are various sounds of living with children. We have tuned it to a clear tone, hoping that it will be comfortable for adults as well. You can see the video on the product page . Please listen to the tone.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

"Creator set" Create movement in marbles

It is full of devices that cross the suspension bridge of ropes, jump over, cooperate to turn switches, and create various movements with marbles. An analog, innovative and simple parts set. You can see the video on the product page .

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

Trick with the basic set of optional parts that adults will love!

From easy marble rolling to creative areas that elementary school students and adults are addicted to, Tri-and-Raleigh has a big world. The basic set is substantial because I want you to try tricks. It is manufactured with a focus on being able to make fine adjustments so that you can play at a higher level according to the power of observation and the power of adjusting with your fingertips.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

"Satisfaction to be decorated" and "self-affirmation" are recommended for wall storage

It seems that children feel that they are cherished when they decorate what they make. When I say it, I think it's the same from my own sense. The casual affection you feel in your life is surely indispensable for a comfortable space. The board comes with a cotton rope, so when cleaning it up, decorate it on the wall as an interior . It is easy to understand that the play is interrupted and resumed before going out, and it is easy to store . By not storing it , the frequency of play will naturally increase .

5. 飾ってもらう肯定感
Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

◆ Special brass engraving service

I would like to have an interior that can be displayed in an adult space after a child leaves the nest. Tools that have been used for a long time have memories and attachments. The brass plate finished with low gloss is a material that increases its taste over time. I'm sure it will grow into a good interior.


\\ Board set list //

The board set can be used for gift wrapping and engraving on the brass plate free of charge. It comes with a set that you can play right away and an instruction manual, so it is also popular as a gift for birthdays and celebrations. The time when a child grows up is the time when things increase steadily. A gift that can be stored on the wall and played for multiple purposes is a nice point. Each product photo is linked to the official shop site. Using circulatory cedar and cypress, we manufacture it in the mountainous areas of Japan.

\\ Optional parts list //

All optional parts are also magnet type. The simple shape that is hard to break is also the starting point for playing with figures.

* Optional parts can be used in common when using the name of each board set.

Try&Rollyマグネットxビー玉転がし|トライアンドローリー|トライ&ローリー|サタデーファクトリー|Saturday Factory

It is a wooden toy that you can "play with" in a small daily life.

I don't know if I'm playing or who is teaching me. Simple toys that can be played across generations lead to natural communication created by trial and error. Watching casual inspiration and memorizing the amount of adjustments makes me naturally want to praise.​ I think it's a tool for making fun, complimented, happy, and memories of playing together. I feel that such an experience is the result of a tenacious attitude.

Saturday Factory

And just as it is about creating memories, I also feel that what is connected to the future of children is important. Try & Raleigh actively uses circulatory wood grown in the mountains behind the studio. Nishikawa wood, which is grown in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, where the Saturday Factory has a studio, is the material for the building that created the town of Edo. In addition to a sense of security, it has the characteristic of being "light". Lighter parts to attach to the board are safer and more functional. We are incorporating light circulating materials that have been planted and are about to be harvested as wooden toys from a new perspective.

A society in which resources and funds circulate moderately, such as logging into buildings and toys and planting trees to become materials, is also the basis for sustaining the work and diverse cultures of the region. Children have the same characteristics as adults, with 10 people and 10 colors, and I believe that the options of a diverse society in which resources and funds circulate will surely enrich the future. I feel that it is no wonder that there are 10 marbles attached to the lorry, and 10 characters with 10 colors.

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