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​Turn the front door into a gallery


The area of the entrance door is actually more than 1.5㎡.
It is quite difficult to create a layout space that exceeds 1.5 m2, but
If your front door is made of steel, you can take advantage of the unused space and turn it into a gallery.

In fact, the larger the size of the apartment, the more important the entrance door plays in fire protection, so it is difficult to change it to your liking. And mostly made of steel.
The sticky frame, which can be easily pasted and easily peeled off and changed , maximizes the wonderful potential of vintage condominiums.

Pita on the thumbtack


Four magnets are attached to the back of the frame. It sticks to any iron part. If it is a wall where you can insert a thumbtack, you can attach a picture frame and turn it into a gallery.

You don't need to have an L-shaped hook with a big hole or a slightly higher special part for gypsum board.

Positioning is easy if you first attach the thumbtack to the magnet part of the frame and then press it against the wall.

Peace of mind without glass

Even if it should fall, the glass is not used, so the debris will not scatter.

Because the paper is sandwiched between the magnet and the wall, even if there is no glass, acrylic, back cover, etc.It is a picture frame that can be used.

We have devised a mechanism to reduce the weight.

It can be firmly attached to the wall by using a strong magnet.

The domestically produced cedar and cypress used are light-weight types of wood.

It also helps to reduce the weight of the picture frame.

The frame that sticks tightly is made in consideration of safety from the mechanism to the selection of materials.

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