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Plywood (veneer control panel) DIY metal fittings | No tools or adhesives required | Planklip | Saturday Factory

The plan clip is a DIY clip that fastens the board. It can be clipped by hand, so it is easy to disassemble.

Many tools are unnecessary . With our unique technology, the plan clip is just clipped after cutting the board .
DIY of difficult assembled furniture is easy with a plan clip. You can easily enjoy disassembled DIY.
It can be used repeatedly and is resistant to rust. It is a "new spring" that is both tough and easy to enjoy many times .
Planclip was born in the United States crowdfunding with the cooperation of 13 countries around the world . Born in a Japanese town factory and started in the United States! In fact, it is an original product of the Saturday Factory, which is mentioned in the bachelor's thesis in Spain and is manufactured by the Japanese town factory with outstanding quality .

Easy to handle but strong

One box of plan clips is OK for stools and tables
As a stool, the plan clip has the strength to easily receive a weight of around 80 kg . The strength of the structure makes use of the foundation of architecture that the shape produces. The plan clip, which makes it easy to make a square box, which is the basis of DIY, makes it easy to demonstrate its strength. Since it is manufactured as a "thick wire spring", it can be used repeatedly. Made of stainless steel that is resistant to rust .
Disassembled, original. You can clip it as soon as it arrives

The bigger the one , the easier it is

One box for a table. If you have 2 boxes, there is also a playhouse
The playhouse, which can be made with 2 boxes of plan clips, can be freely customized by painting or wallpapering. Larger ones are more difficult to make, but plan clips are easier.
You can insert the plan clip into the board, so you can use both hands when assembling, which is unique to the plan clip. There is no need for clamps or other fixing devices that are required when using nails or screws. Disassembly is even easier. Feel free to withdraw the event.
Due to the convenience of the purchasing system ... Actually, a great shipping fee

The thickness of the board that can be used is 12 mm

Easy to use. It can be used for very general boards.
The plan clip can be used for boards with a thickness of 12 mm. It is safe even if you make a mistake in assembling. It 's a clip, so you can make mistakes . Domestic softwood plywood is the best to use .

Thickness 12.5mm  (½ inch / .492 in.)

The feeling of use will be a little tight.

Thickness 12.0mm (.472 in.)

It is the best usability. The most common plywood thickness.

Thickness 11.5mm (.452 in.)

It will be a little loose, but it can be used depending on the application.

It will be easier for children to insert.

* The thickness of wood changes depending on the temperature and humidity that change depending on the climate. Usability will vary slightly depending on the actual thickness of the board, not the thickness indicated on the material.
The target age of the plan clip is from around the middle grade of elementary school . It is also very useful for cases where it is difficult to use blades and workshops that utilize plywood scraps from construction companies .

Since no power tools are used, you can enjoy work without loud noise or vibration without hesitation. You no longer have to wait for the glue to set. GO at once until completion! The person in charge will also respond to commercial inquiries.

The sound is quiet and can be used even at night

Since there is no vibration of tools, it is safe even in an apartment house

You don't have to wait for the glue to harden

One box is enough for a table, and when it's complete, let's use it for outdoor play.

Easy-to- arrange drawings and examples

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Saturday Factory is a user who uses plan clips for the booths of participating exhibitions . Giraffes, huts, and tables are all disassembled into pettanko and brought in compactly . Assembling is like a plastic model . The three-dimensional object has an outstanding impact. The range of expression can be expanded by painting.
The product is the leading role. The plan clip is inconspicuous.

I've cut the board

​Plan clip furniture
The plan clip furniture is a DIY kit that includes a cut board and a plan clip. From stools to popular houses, you don't need any tools, just clip them wherever you like . A multi-use kit series that can be easily assembled and disassembled by hand and taken out to events and outdoors .
You can see detailed information from each photo. The link is to the official shop operated by Saturday Factory.
It is also posted on "GO OUT" from an outdoor perspective

[Available payment methods]

We have a wide range of payment methods.


■ Letter Pack Plus

It is 520 yen nationwide regardless of the number of boxes ordered.


Achievements, media publication, etc.

Saturday Factory is the manufacturer with the largest share of plan clips in the world.


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