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About the flow of transactions


Click the product you want to purchase to move to the product details page. Please read the instructions and click the [Add to Cart] button to add the item to your shopping cart. You can continue shopping by pressing the return button.


When you open the shopping cart, the total amount of your shopping will be displayed, so please check it. We offer delivery methods with compensation for damage and other defects caused by delivery, and delivery without compensation. There are two types of buttons for customers who use Paypal and those who use other (credit card / bank transfer), so please select one.


Please enter the information for payment. For bank transfer customers, the ordering process will be completed when the transfer is confirmed.

Order confirmation email

According to the payment method selected by the customer, we will notify you by e-mail to the registered e-mail address that the payment has been completed.

Product shipping information email

Once the product has been shipped, we will contact you by email to the registered email address. For shipping methods that offer tracking services, we will send you the tracking number of the shipped item by email. Please use the tracking number to check the delivery status of the item.

Product confirmation

Customers who choose delivery with shipping compensation should check the product when it is delivered. We recommend that you first check the appearance of gift wrapping products. If you wish to receive delivery compensation, please unpack it.

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